“I bet you can’t read the entire Harry Potter series by the time school starts,” said my dad.

“Easy,” said my elementary school self.

As a child I devoured books. Winning that bet with my father was a breeze. As I grew older, I expanded my interest in storytelling and became enamored with film. All the intricacies that go into producing such a complex piece of art captivated me and I wanted to learn everything I could. I made my own films as a teenager, often using inventive means to make up for my lack of professional equipment and experience. When I went to college I introduced myself to all ways in which to tell a story: script writing, podcasting, photojournalism and art.

My interests led me to minor in history, solely for the epic stories. As I delved into my education I started working for Red Bull as a student marketeer on UNC’s campus. In my job I was able to use my energetic personality and creativity to develop unique experiences for students on campus. I learned firsthand how companies develop a story and brand, breathing life into them. As an advertising major I get to tell stories that give insight into the lives of student athletes, companies, and my community. My name is Miller Boyd and I use my passions to develop thoughtful ideas and tell impactful stories that connect to people in the way our favorite books do.