The Power of Procrastination


Why do we leave creative projects up to procrastination? Maybe it’s the fear of not doing a good job. Maybe having little time left leaves no time for wavering–a state of no think, only do. A mentality that seems a bit primitive, but there is something to be said for that time crunch. I believe that there’s a sweet spot with procrastination. But the time crunch I sometimes place myself in can be a crutch. By procrastinating, I feel as though we give ourselves an excuse in case our work flops, in case we flop. We tell ourselves, “If only I had more time or it work because of the crunch, not because of the idea.” This mentality is a defense mechanism, one we all are guilty of using on occasion. I admit to doing this, but I’m aware that it leaves me feeling disappointed, having robbed myself of the satisfaction of a job well done.

I think procrastinating and creative projects seem to go hand in hand. In my junior year of college, I learned that there was some reasoning to this– there is a sweet spot to procrastination. In my UX/UI classes, the emphasis on empathetic insights is dependent on letting our minds incubate and digest a problem. We do this unknowingly, getting out and doing things we enjoy to get the creative juices flowing when in a rut.

While I believe in some healthy procrastination to get the mind active, I do not want to let procrastination become a crutch for this blog. I want to use this blog to push myself to find that sweet spot where I give myself time to think and flush out my ideas.

So what does procrastination have to do with this blog?

Well, I have been procrastinating.

Nailing down a singular passion or perspective to convey myself has caused me to stumble a bit.

Fret not there is some redemption, a little procrastinating led me to some insights about myself. I reflected on things that bring me joy: reading classic novels to see what the hype is about, dissecting films, and making charcuterie boards. One part of me wants to write about planning trips, something I do even if I have zero concrete plans to go on them. Once, I went on a cross-country road trip with only 48 hours’ notice, maybe my blog could make others prepared for impromptu trips. Other interests of mine consist of photography, art, and watching a ridiculous amount of crime shows.

Needless to say, all of these things have been ways in which I have procrastinated writing this. I have accepted that this blog will lack a cohesive theme or confidently steered direction. Like us all, I have many interests, and defining them would only be limiting. But I am excited to push myself as I have faith that only good will come from this experience. I welcome you on this journey with me while I hope to share my favorite interests and stories while learning more about myself along the way.




The Power of Procrastination