The Return of Swedish House Mafia


Over Easter weekend, Swedish House Mafia released a new album for the first time in a decade. Needless to say, I am ecstatic!  

Last year they announced they would be performing at Coachella after the festival posted on their social media channels a photo of three figures in the desert with the famous DJ group’s logo. Previously this year I almost planned to go to Coachella with my friend that attends Southern Cal but I decided against it. However, it would have been incredible to listen to this new album for the first time live. The album is titled Paradise Again, hinting at their return and the contents of the album’s ethereal qualities and references to heaven. 

My favorite songs off the album are “Home,” “Lifetime,” “Don’t Go Mad,” “Heaven Takes You Home,” and “For You.” The return of Swedish House Mafia breaks away from their previous songs like “Greyhound” and “Don’t Worry Child.” A bit more of a calmer style while still maintaining purposeful beats makes for a refined sound with very few lyrics. The group also brought on artists such as Tyga, The Weekend, and ASAP Rocky for the album. The Weeknd even participated in their Coachella performance, singing the song “Moth To A Flame.” While the group maintains the element to dance on their album, the calming qualities of many of the songs are refreshing, together creating a transcendent feeling that makes many of the songs feel as though they are the backing for a movie.  

The final song on the album is appropriately titled, “For You,” an obvious nod to their fans’ influence over their return. In their performance, they acknowledged that after leaving the group a decade ago they were brought back together to make more music for their fans. Even though I couldn’t see them at Coachella, I look forward to seeing them at some point on their tour over the next few months.



The Return of Swedish House Mafia