The Simple Pleasure of Fresh Flowers


Covid slowed down my life majorly, as it did for all of us. My focus and appreciation for the little things around me grew with the slower pace. More time allotted me the ability to hone in on small things that brought me great joy, like reading outside, making charcuterie boards, and treating myself to fresh flowers. These are all simple pleasures in my life.

The greatest simple pleasure is buying flowers for the week – why wait on someone to buy me flowers when I can do it myself? Receiving flowers is lovely when they are from someone else so why not grant myself the same gesture? Posting my flowers each week has become the norm on my Instagram. This simple joy is easily obtainable thanks to my dedication to shopping at Trader Joe’s and their consistent $3.99 mini bouquets that never cease to impress.

They brighten the room and most importantly my mood. During finals in the fall, I splurged beyond the mini bouquet for full size. Writing several papers and studying media law made the joy that flowers bring me a necessity.

Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they are a simple thing I do for myself because I know they make me happy. As life picks back up, I am continuing to try to focus on simple pleasures in my life by continuing to go straight to the flower section when I go to Trader Joe’s.



The Simple Pleasure of Fresh Flowers